Sunday, July 18, 2010

Humility in the right place

There is a great need for greater confidence in the truth of Gods revealed Word and greater humility in our human abilities.  A strange reversal has occurred over the years. Once it was of great virtue and a sign of humility to speak with confidence regarding the great doctrines found in Gods Word. And, to be humble and even less confident in our abilities.

Today, people boast in what they are good at.... They speak of their giftings, talent and unique abilities with great confidence. All the while they speak of Gods Word as a mystery and are unwilling to take a stand on core doctrines of scripture. They see it as a sign of humility to say..."we can't know", or "It's not important", or "It doesn't matter". But truth is to be known, it is important, and it does matter. To stand for truth and fight for what is right in Gods Word is not arrogance or pride, but a sign of humility in the face of His truth.
Let us not worry so much about our strengths, unique abilities and talents, but about the strength of Gods perfect Word - That is worthy of our confidence.