Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby sonogram

The wonder of sonogram technology has become commonplace for my generation, but prior generations were unable to see the miracle of new life taking place in the womb.   What a blessing for expectant mothers, whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned, to hear the heartbeat, observe the movement of the child and to know whether it's girl or boy!   No doubt, the news of pregnancy strikes fear in the hearts of many young, unmarried women, especially if the father is unwilling to accept responsibility.   However, before a decision for abortion is made and a life is taken, that expectant mother deserves the right to see, and hear, the child within her.   Fortunately, there is a new bill before the Texas House requiring a sonogram before an abortion is performed.   Doctors, pregnancy center counselors, and abortion providers, should be required to provide the full disclosure that sonograms offer and do all they can to guide expectant mothers to choose life for their baby.  It is not only rationale to assume that a live birth is a better than an abortion, but it is loving, humane and the right choice for the baby and mother.  Sonograms reveal the overwhelming truth, which cannot be denied, that a baby is alive in the womb.  We should urge our representatives to pass this bill as it empowers women to choose what is best for their baby and their future.

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