Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B90X - Wicked Leaders - Godly Leaders

Day 25 - We speak often of the wisdom and riches of Solomon, but what a let down he became to the Kingdom of God!   His descendants continued in his wicked ways... worshipping other Gods and doing what was sinful in the sight of the people.  The allure of power is seductive and makes common men do truly uncommon acts of sin.   Perhaps it's the freedom given to those in power?  Or, maybe it's the thrill of control that seduces a man into believing he is above the law, political or spiritual.  Whatever the cause, it is clear that far too many leaders in history have strayed from their calling and sought the fruit of sin that is so readily available to them.

Our modern world has seen great Presidents rise and fall under the pressure of the office.  They begin their campaigns with a genuine desire to serve mankind, yet within months of being elected they resign themselves to petty politics and selfish ambition.  Woe to those who God raises up who respond by turning away from His precepts. Woe to Pastors who are given charge over His Word... to preach, teach and proclaim it to this generation... who distort it with their liberal theology, dismiss it with their weak convictions, and discourage the body by lording over them or running from their responsibilities.

As in the days of Solomon and his descendants, we desperately need godly leaders in our churches and courthouses.  We need men who are resolute in their commitments to doctrinal integrity. Men who do not fall prey to worldly ambition, but seek the favor of God and the wisdom of His Word.   Men who speak boldly and can articulate the necessity for truth, justice, morality and faith.   We must begin now to raise up the next generation of leaders.  Young men who will develop the character traits that will preserve them into old age.  We must invest in the lives of this present generation... teaching them to obey all that God has commanded of them and to choose righteousness over sinfulness.  We must ignite in their young minds a thirst for God-centered theology, ignite in their hearts a passion for Christ-like character, and ignite in their souls a zeal for missions that drives them into the far reaches of the world!

Let us look to leaders, young and old, who have the heart of David are willing to lead others to the throne of God.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

B90X - Ask for Wisdom

When Solomon came before the Lord in prayer he could have asked for anything. Money, fame, beautiful wisdom, loyal subjects, land, etc. However, his desire wisdom eclipsed all of these. Unlike many of us Solomon knew that with great wisdom you can lead a people, influence nations, effect the economy, solve problems on a global scale. And Solomon did all this and more. People traveled from far away nations to learn from Solomon and he built wealth that would far surpass the riches of Gates or Buffett. Wisdom.

Let me encourage you today to seek the Lord for wisdom, for when you do He will respond. And know this. When we ask for wisdom we don't just become wise, we receive the one who is wise. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is not just a gift of wisdom but a filling up with the One who IS wise. Oh what riches God has stored up for those who humbly seek Him! So why don't we pray the "Solomon Prayer"? Perhaps we think we know better? Maybe we fear what we Would have to give up? Maybe we want our worldly, earthly wisdom?

Pray Solomon's prayer today. "Give your servant a discerning heart that he may know the difference between right and wrong". That is true wisdom... To know what is right in God's sight and what is wrong.

Peace and wisdom to you this day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

B90X - David and Goliath (Day 23)

Day 23 - As a child I was often told the story of David and Goliath... we all were!  It was inspiring and riveting to any young boy listening or reading about this unbelievable account.  And it was an account... not a myth or story meant to spark imagination or motivation.  it was a real-life account of young man's faithfulness to a holy, all-powerful God.   It is not a story about the power of man, but the power of God.  It is not a story about the courage of a man, but about the sovereignty of God.   

The amazing message from this epic battle was not that "big things come in little packages", but that God is sovereignly ordaining the steps of his children and is victorious over sin... regardless of how BIG it appears to be.  Remember, David's faith was not in his marksmanship with a sling, but with the belief he had in the promises of God.  When Goliath fell God took all the glory, David just took Goliath's sword.   I find it amusing and pathetic that pastors and speakers will use this event to build up the courage of men or to inspire us to do "BIG" things for Jesus.  It gets so close to man-centered motivation that one hardly sees the power and purpose of God in many of the messages presented today.    Let us never use scripture for self-motivaiton unless it is to motivate us to greater submission to God... like that of David.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

B90X - Leader Moses?

Day 5 - When God took Moses by surprise with the fiery bush he said... Who am I Lord? In other words, I'm a nobody! Pharaoh won't listen, the people won't follow me, and I have a fear of public speaking. But lead them he did! Not because he was the wisest or most talented, but because he was called out for a purpose and was willing to obey God's command.

If you stood before the Lord and He said "go"..... Would you go? Maybe he is already calling you to a new task, ministry or lifestyle change. Maybe the fire of the lord is burning right before you but you are saying... Who me? Why me? Not me! Perhaps you need to surrender like Moses to a task that far exceeds your abilities so God can display his power through your weakness.

Stop worrying about your abilities and start seeking the Lord for the wisdom and strength you will need for the calling. Be sure you pray for humility, for you will need it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

B90X: day 4 - Time

I am using the above term for this 90 day reading and blog. I figure I'm more likely to finish reading the Bible in 90 days than doing Tony Horton's P90X workout videos for 90 days!

As I read in Genesis I am struck by how slowly life moved. This week I read about how 7 years, plus 7 years, plus 7 years Jacob waited to get the "right" wife and his livestock. Many years later his son Joseph would learn the value of waiting as he set in prison for years for a crime he did not commit. There forefathers waited and their descendants would wait for deliverance for decades while wandering in the desert.

To wait on the lord, particularly in times of trials and testing, is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for the modern day Christian. We are not expected or willing to wait for anything. I suppose if we could shorten pregnancies to 9 days vs 9 months we would be thrilled! Fast food isn't fast enough, and no doubt people want their sermons short and sweet!

But God does not operate according to our timeline. He has a plan for our lives that may require us to wait and endure for years before we see the fruit of our labor. Oh sure, sometimes the return is fast, but more often God seems to train us through the long hard trials of this present age. Trials that produces character and in turn build our hope and faith in Christ.

So slow down and be patient for the Lord. This is not a fast food religion, but one that lasts for all eternity. Delight in the Lord this day and settle in for a long life with Him.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

90 Day thru the Bible

Day 2: What a dramatic promise God made to Abraham. "look up at the heavens and count the stars-if indeed you can count shall your offspring be". Abraham could count his sons and daughters just as surely as I can count mine. It was not the bloodline of Abraham that God promised to expand throughout the generations, but the spiritual bloodline. The blood not of Abraham but of the one who he trusted would come.... The Messiah. Yes, Abraham has a rich lineage but it is held together by faith alone in Christ alone. If we are heirs with Christ then we are children of Abraham. Oh to be connected to such a rich and wonderful family... Isaac, Joseph, Jeremiah, And many others.

It is a privilege to be counted among the "stars"!