Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B90X - Wicked Leaders - Godly Leaders

Day 25 - We speak often of the wisdom and riches of Solomon, but what a let down he became to the Kingdom of God!   His descendants continued in his wicked ways... worshipping other Gods and doing what was sinful in the sight of the people.  The allure of power is seductive and makes common men do truly uncommon acts of sin.   Perhaps it's the freedom given to those in power?  Or, maybe it's the thrill of control that seduces a man into believing he is above the law, political or spiritual.  Whatever the cause, it is clear that far too many leaders in history have strayed from their calling and sought the fruit of sin that is so readily available to them.

Our modern world has seen great Presidents rise and fall under the pressure of the office.  They begin their campaigns with a genuine desire to serve mankind, yet within months of being elected they resign themselves to petty politics and selfish ambition.  Woe to those who God raises up who respond by turning away from His precepts. Woe to Pastors who are given charge over His Word... to preach, teach and proclaim it to this generation... who distort it with their liberal theology, dismiss it with their weak convictions, and discourage the body by lording over them or running from their responsibilities.

As in the days of Solomon and his descendants, we desperately need godly leaders in our churches and courthouses.  We need men who are resolute in their commitments to doctrinal integrity. Men who do not fall prey to worldly ambition, but seek the favor of God and the wisdom of His Word.   Men who speak boldly and can articulate the necessity for truth, justice, morality and faith.   We must begin now to raise up the next generation of leaders.  Young men who will develop the character traits that will preserve them into old age.  We must invest in the lives of this present generation... teaching them to obey all that God has commanded of them and to choose righteousness over sinfulness.  We must ignite in their young minds a thirst for God-centered theology, ignite in their hearts a passion for Christ-like character, and ignite in their souls a zeal for missions that drives them into the far reaches of the world!

Let us look to leaders, young and old, who have the heart of David are willing to lead others to the throne of God.

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