Thursday, June 9, 2011

B90X - Leader Moses?

Day 5 - When God took Moses by surprise with the fiery bush he said... Who am I Lord? In other words, I'm a nobody! Pharaoh won't listen, the people won't follow me, and I have a fear of public speaking. But lead them he did! Not because he was the wisest or most talented, but because he was called out for a purpose and was willing to obey God's command.

If you stood before the Lord and He said "go"..... Would you go? Maybe he is already calling you to a new task, ministry or lifestyle change. Maybe the fire of the lord is burning right before you but you are saying... Who me? Why me? Not me! Perhaps you need to surrender like Moses to a task that far exceeds your abilities so God can display his power through your weakness.

Stop worrying about your abilities and start seeking the Lord for the wisdom and strength you will need for the calling. Be sure you pray for humility, for you will need it!

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