Wednesday, June 8, 2011

B90X: day 4 - Time

I am using the above term for this 90 day reading and blog. I figure I'm more likely to finish reading the Bible in 90 days than doing Tony Horton's P90X workout videos for 90 days!

As I read in Genesis I am struck by how slowly life moved. This week I read about how 7 years, plus 7 years, plus 7 years Jacob waited to get the "right" wife and his livestock. Many years later his son Joseph would learn the value of waiting as he set in prison for years for a crime he did not commit. There forefathers waited and their descendants would wait for deliverance for decades while wandering in the desert.

To wait on the lord, particularly in times of trials and testing, is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for the modern day Christian. We are not expected or willing to wait for anything. I suppose if we could shorten pregnancies to 9 days vs 9 months we would be thrilled! Fast food isn't fast enough, and no doubt people want their sermons short and sweet!

But God does not operate according to our timeline. He has a plan for our lives that may require us to wait and endure for years before we see the fruit of our labor. Oh sure, sometimes the return is fast, but more often God seems to train us through the long hard trials of this present age. Trials that produces character and in turn build our hope and faith in Christ.

So slow down and be patient for the Lord. This is not a fast food religion, but one that lasts for all eternity. Delight in the Lord this day and settle in for a long life with Him.

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