Saturday, June 25, 2011

B90X - David and Goliath (Day 23)

Day 23 - As a child I was often told the story of David and Goliath... we all were!  It was inspiring and riveting to any young boy listening or reading about this unbelievable account.  And it was an account... not a myth or story meant to spark imagination or motivation.  it was a real-life account of young man's faithfulness to a holy, all-powerful God.   It is not a story about the power of man, but the power of God.  It is not a story about the courage of a man, but about the sovereignty of God.   

The amazing message from this epic battle was not that "big things come in little packages", but that God is sovereignly ordaining the steps of his children and is victorious over sin... regardless of how BIG it appears to be.  Remember, David's faith was not in his marksmanship with a sling, but with the belief he had in the promises of God.  When Goliath fell God took all the glory, David just took Goliath's sword.   I find it amusing and pathetic that pastors and speakers will use this event to build up the courage of men or to inspire us to do "BIG" things for Jesus.  It gets so close to man-centered motivation that one hardly sees the power and purpose of God in many of the messages presented today.    Let us never use scripture for self-motivaiton unless it is to motivate us to greater submission to God... like that of David.  

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