Monday, January 3, 2011

What is Required?

Our memory verse for this week is Deuteronomy 10:12-14.  In this passage we are challenged to flow God according to His standards and requirements.  As rebellious people we are continually seeking our own negotiated terms of relationship with Jesus Christ. We are all guilty to some degree of making the Bible "relevant" to our whims and desires and traditions. If God could simply bend to our notions of what should be required of us, then it would certainly make life easier!  But that is not God's way. He has a form and structure to His religion and it is not to be tampered with. While His requirements are certainly challenging they are also doable.... Since all things are possible with God. So let's be clear on God's requirements as outlined in Duet. 10:12-14....

Fear Him
Walk in His ways
Love Him (heart, soul, mind, strength)
Serve him (with all your heart and soul)
Keep all His other statutes and commandments

Whew.  Notice how He threw in that last line. It's like saying; "In case I didn't cover it here, keep any other commandments you come across in future readings."

Here's the good news!  If you will abide with Christ and strive to do all that is commanded of you, He will abide with you and equip you for every good work. And... When you stumble and fall God will lift you up with His mighty right hand and grant you forgiveness and strength.

So, do not be discouraged by His commandments but be encouraged!  Now is not the time for negotiating the terms of your relationship with Him, now is the time to obey Him Him with dogged determination and burning desire!  Memorize this verse and let it become a delight to your soul.  Peace out.  

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  1. I like the "do not be discouraged by His commandments but be encouraged!" I think this is at the heart of the issue most believers and unbelievers. The lack of faith to trust that he supplies us with what we need to fulfill his call. And the doubt that his purpose is the most rewarding and fulfilling for us.

    Great word.